rebuilt transmission

Why Rebuild Your Transmission Instead of Replace?

If your transmission goes bad, the car won’t eventually will not crank, but before then there’s many problems that will cause you frustration when traveling from one place to another. Eventually you’ll be left to find an alternate source of transportation. But, replacing the transmission can be very expensive, costing thousands of dollars or more. You can opt to replace with a rebuilt transmission instead.

The Price of it All

Costs of this transmission are the biggest reason that people use them instead of new transmissions. Compare the rates with a few providers to find the best costs of the work. However, maintain full confidence that rebuilding the transmission costs considerably less than the costs of a new transmission.

Less Complex Job

Aside from the costs, the fact that the job is less complex also attracts many people who are experiencing trouble with their vehicle’s transmission. It takes far less time to rebuild a transmission that it takes to remove the entire transmission from the car and replace it with an entirely new product. When you want fast service that gets you back behind the wheel quickly, you need to rebuild!

A Warranty Protects You

rebuilt transmission

The transmission includes a warranty when it is built. The warranty means that you can go back to the mechanic if something happens during the warranty period and they’ll correct the problem or make the repair without charging you any more money. A transmission that includes a warranty provides satisfaction and peace of mind and there is no better feeling in this world.

Rebuild, Do Not Replace

There are many reasons to rebuild a transmission rather than replace it, including those we’ve listed above. If you want to enjoy these benefits and prolong the life expectancy of your car, you need to talk to a mechanic and learn how rebuilding benefits your wallet and your life!